When I did my first gourd about ten years ago, I was totally captivated and very excited to explore the possibilities on this new 3D canvas.

 I began with wood-burning which I love immensely and still do.  However, I was introduced to carving which was just as enjoyable.
I use both techniques in most of my work today.
I also implement 3D carving in several pieces.

There are endless opportunities available with a gourd.
I have painted, embellished with in-lace, embedded stones and add any natural materials I can find such as pine needles.

For example, I wood burned and carved a buck and added an antler to the piece.
In fact, this piece was published in a book by Betsey Sloan, “Antler Art for Baskets and Gourds”.

I have done custom work involving portraits, particularly pets and grandchildren.
I get a great deal of pleasure doing this.

I completed a large portrait of a tiger and submitted it into the Arizona Gourd Society competition and won first place.
I received two ribbons in Yucca Valley Gourd Festival.  First place for creativity and people’s choice.

I was a stained glass artist for 20 years, however, gourd art is where my heart lies because your imagination has no limits.



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